Setting up a Science Room

In September 2011, we went to the primary school in Vrontados to create a room where children can be taught the subjects of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

We put the materials of the school out of one storage room, put them in order, and cleaned them with the advices of the responsible for Physics and Chemistry of Chios Island.

On the 24th of November we went once again to the school in order to finish cleaning the materials. Moreover, in the computer room we moved the furniture and computers with the teachers’ help, to create a new area for children to work with the computers during the lessons. In this room we put into three separate cupboards, the materials of the three subjects

Now, thanks to our job, the pupils have a new learning area and they can make experiences with their teacher during the science lessons. And they have the possibility to use this room for many different subjects.

After finishing this, we also assisted the headmaster in taking pictures of each class for the school calendar of 2012. Where some of the classes even wanted us to be with them on the photos!

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