Third Period – Seafaring and Sailing

On an island many people are connected to the topic of seafaring and so are many people on Chios Island.

The expert, who was invited, was one captain living on a neighbor island.
He was going to talk and inform about the topic “how to correctly sail” one week ago, but unfortunately the weather conditions were forcing the ferries not to head for Chios Island. Therefore everybody was very glad to be able to welcome the expert at this weekend.

The presentation was very interesting for all the participants and gave us the opportunity to improve our Greek language skills. By supporting his speech with many graphics and by interacting with the children, he attract the attention of his audience and achieved that we could understand and learn a lot about the structure of sailing boats, the techniques of dealing with the different kinds of wind and how to use and create basic knots, which are used in a sailor’s everyday life. The final topic was very practical: In cooperation with the Tsarkos Foundation every child received a rope and instruction on how to create the basic knots. The first part of the presentation ended therefore with practicing the basic knots.
Even the volunteers had the chance to train their skills by assisting the children.

After a short break everybody went to the local sailing club, we, the volunteers, assisted by guiding the children. At the club all of them had the possibility to watch a group of sailing learners from close to by sitting in the teachers speedboat.

On our way back to the main port of Chios City, the children were talking about their experiences and were raving about the speedboat.

Back at the harbor the expert invited every child to have a look at his offshore sailing boat. By facing the moving boat and the small board to enter, not every
child had the guts to enter the boat.

The showing of the sailing boat was also the end of this very interesting presentation. All the graphics, the practical knot lesson and the visits of several places connected with seafaring made this day very interesting for everyone.

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