Closing Ceremony

Some weeks after the ending of the second period of the “Junior-Captain-Project” in the spring of 2012, a closing ceremony of these first two took part in the yard of the foundation’s building.

This ceremony presented the work of the two simultaneously running projects of the Tsakos foundation: The project we took part in, and the Boat-Construction- Project held by Dimitrios Morakis and his wife Elli Papaioannou.

The evening began with several speeches of the foundation’s responsibles about the idea of these projects and their developments.

The group of children of the Boat-Construction-Project performed a little theatrical act, accompanied with a self made movie, to introduce their final work: the finished traditional ship. Also photo presentations and a little movie were shown and the audience of parents, foundation’s responsibles, journalists, a priest and us the TES team were enthusiasted by the whole demonstration of the work which was done all that year and their outcome.

The last part of this evening was the out handing of special certificates and little presents to all the children and people, who took part to realize these programs, us included.

This was maybe one of the most memorable events of our project’s work, because we could directly see the results of our work and help and also the gratitude¬† which was shown towards us by the leaders of such an important foundation as the one of Maria Tsakos.

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