Third Period – Safety

On Saturday, the 15th of December, time for Tsakos and like every Saturday three volunteers of the TES- project went to the boat to take care of the children and to be a member of the presentation hold by a professor. This time the topic has been: Safety.

During the presentation the professor used many essential means of a typical boat that you will never miss there. For example a compass and a map to orientate and not to get into danger because the ship has too much draft,

 And the security vest for an emergency. The children were very active and attentive. We, as the volunteers realized that the children learned a lot in the last lessons because they were able to combine different fields of references in this lesson.

Seen as a highlight of the lesson, all the children were allowed to put on the security vest to be prepared when somebody shouts: “Man overboard!”.

This lesson was really interesting for all the participants, the children and the volunteers. We all will start with sailing in the spring- or summer months so that we can just profit by these presentations on the ship of Tsakos foundation.