Third Period – Cardiology and First Aid

It was Saturday, the 17th of November, when the children participating in the “Junior Captain” – Project were informed by the head of the cardiographical department of the local hospital about the function of the heart and the human health in general.

The doctor firstly presented to the children the history of seasicknesses and explained to them the reasons for diseases like scurvy, caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. The kids also learned about the effects of smoking and alcohol and what effect excessive consumption of these goods or even an addiction has to the human body and the organs. Continuing about possible measures how to improve the own physiology, the expert explained the positive effects of sports.

After this small excursion into the general field of medicine, the doctor continued his lecture about his field of work, the cardiology, and explained to the children the function of the heart, and what his job was exactly.

Since the lesson was meant to give the children practical advices on how to behave in emergency situations, a volunteer assisted in the presentation of a stroke. The doctor explained the children how to react and what were the correct steps to bring the victim back to life. Luckily they succeeded, wherefore we don’t have to bemoan the loss of a brave coworker.

After this practical training, the expert explained some more aspects of the first aid and also gave some advices on how to correctly behave in these stressful situations. The children were very interested and happy about what they learned that day, and so are we, the volunteers.

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