Third Period – History of Sailing

On Saturday 20th of October, the “Junior Captain” project started again. The first Period of this Project started in October 2011. The project is created  for youngsters in age from 8 to 15 by the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation.

Every Saturday, a group of children come to the wonderful, wooden sailing boat which belongs to the Foundation. During the workshops they have the opportunity to learn everything about the sea, shipping, sailing and navigation. Lessons are taught by experts in this field, who are well-known in Greece. The great thing is that the boat has modern equipment such as flat screen monitors, projectors and a white screen on which children can watch the movies and pictures. It makes the workshops more comfortable, both for the lecturer and  the children.

Our task during the workshops is to help the children to get on the boat via the thin ledge safely and to not let them to play near the railing. During the lesson we take care of the children and are there for them if they need anything.  In the middle of the lecture, during the break, we provide sandwiches and water for the children. After this short break we returned back to the lesson and the stories about the sea and shipping.

The first workshop taught the children about the History of sailing: From the famous ancient Galley, used by the sailors of old times to the modern super-freighters, the children learned about the progress of mankind in seafaring and the basic concepts of navigation.

It was a very instructive experience for all participants, and the location, being the boat of the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation, impressively demonstrated the progress in the comfort of the seafarers.

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