Third Period – Laser Optimist Sailing

Last saturday, 24 of November, the children participated in the “Junior Captain” – Project, where they were informed about how they could learn to sail. They were excited, because they know how important the sailing industry in Chios island is.

In the begining, they learnt about the parts of the boat and how they can manouver it, even with the different wind or weather. They saw many pictures and information about what is the best way in every case.

After this theoretical class, it was time for one practical training. The children went with the teacher and the director of the school of the kids to the one sailing club in Chios city.

In the club were many professional people waiting for the children. First of all they showed the boat for learning how to sail. The kids had to prepare the ships with the sail and the rope –¬†all the things needed to be ready before going on the beach.

Later, some of them went to the beach with the Optimist-boat and practiced this amazing sport. All the children learnt very fast: Everybody was impressed how they ran with the optimist boat and how they used their bodies to gain more speed.

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