Syros, April 2015

On a Monday morning, three volunteers of our group started a trip to the beautiful and outstanding island Syros by taking a ferry from Chios Port.

We arrived after 9 hours at a nice port, which was bigger than expected. Syros is smaller than Chios, but has a bigger and more modern port, a fact that surprised us.

The sun was already going down and we had to find our way to the couchsurfer Vincent who accepted us to stay on his sailing boat, where he lives himself. Yes, this is really unusual and you’ll probably ask yourself why we decided to stay with him. But we can just say that it was a great experience. He was telling us a lot of interesting stories from his life and how he manages to live on a boat. He is doing kind of a really long world trip. That means he always stays around one year in a country. We slept in two cabins and unfortunately one girl of our group suffered from seasickness, what we didn’t know before we came there of course! But with some medicine and a lot time out of the boat she managed it very well and it even got better after some days.

But more to the island! We loved it to walk through the streets, even if it was really empty because of the non touristy time of April. But even in the high season there are almost no tourists. A fact we can not understand, because we enjoyed our time there so much! The capital Ermoupoli is just amazing by the way. Everything is well preserved and also the architecture of the whole city seams well-thought-out. Every single house has something special and flowers grow everywhere. There are super small streets in which you can just walk sideways and a town called Ano Syros which lies directly next to Ermoupoli. Both towns have impressive churches each which are situated on two hills opposite to each other. In Ermoupoli is an Orthodox Church and in Ano Syros a Catholic one. To the Orthodox Church we went for a walk.

Because of our Couchsurfer we got to know other people from the island who hosted two Indian people and we wanted to meet all of them at the entrance of Ano Syros. Unfortunately we were not really on time and missed them. So we decided to start searching our friends and guessed where they possibly have gone. But in the end we never met each other, what was really awful for us. We walked every street three times up and down and plus, it was really warm! The phones were not working and just because of a nice man in his coffee shop we were able to call them. So if you ever come to Syros go to his coffee shop (Sorry I forgot the name, but it should start with C). And after 3 hours we finally met but everybody already saw everything important in the town, so we went on a road tour…

It was awesome, seriously! We saw the other side of the island and some small villages with cute beaches and a nice beach volley ball field. In the end we stopped at the Red Beach and enjoyed the nature, the people we where with and the good weather. In the evenings we always listened to good music in different and unique bars. One even had furniture headfirst at their ceiling. And we realized that we definitely miss a bar like this on our island. It was kind of sad for us to leave the island again, because we had so much fun there and because it is just beautiful…

So guys please don’t miss to visit this little authentic island at least once in your life!

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