Inousses 2016

As we had exceptionally good weather this year in the end of November, we took the boat out for a final trip. We visited a group of islands not very far from Chios called Inousses. It took us around two hours to get there but we also had a little help by our boat’s motor. During this trip we also learnt more about sailing, for example that a good preparation is very important. Inousses consists of 16 islands but only one is habited. Around 750-800 people live there. However, in the summer the population raises significantly because of the boat owners that spend the warm months on the island.

We to the port on the main island and walked around the village. The buildings range from big modern villas to abandoned and destroyed houses. The village is located on a hillside and the further you go uphills the better the view of the port and the neighbouring islands gets. With the sun shining brightly this place felt like a paradise. However, living so far from modern society has its drawbacks. None of us would like to spend his whole life on an island like that, isolated from the rest of the world.

So we left this beautiful island and sailed back to Vrontados right on time to see the sun set behind the mountains.

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