Lesvos 2013

It was completely unexpected!! One day we got to know that we will have 3 days free, and had the possibility to go to the island of Lesvos!! Everything was happening so quickly and the most of our decisions were spontaneous. And this fact made our trip an unforgettable adventure!

Let’s start from our departure to Lesvos – while we were waiting for our ferry we ‘slept’ at the beach! Oh almost! After two or three hours of sleep at the beach finally the Ferry departed at half past 5 in the morning and arrived about 9 o’clock on Lesvos Island!! So – like normal tourists we wanted to see Mitylini – the capital of Lesvos. But before we deserved some coffee! We wandered around this wonderful city searching for a connection to another part of the Island – Molyvos.
We had some information about a camping place there.
Yes: we spend our 2 nights sleeping in a tent! It was a wonderful and tight adventure as 4 girls slept in 1 tent!!
In everything we had a lot of luck and happiness. It was not like that we weren’t completely unprepared for our trip. We love spontaneous decisions and we can say that our ‘good preparation’ leaded this holiday to be magical and unforgettable!

Without bigger problems we found our camping place (actually we didn’t have an address). We were extremely hungry and on the road to the city (which was about 2 km from our place) we found ourselves, by accident, in a paradise: It was a small tavern with a swimming pool which we used while a very warm-hearted woman was cooking for us! It was exactly what we needed. We were there welcomed and we felt their family warmth! And not only our mind and heart, but also our stomachs were fulfilled with happiness! Almost every ingredient came from their garden, and everything was homemade! Everywhere we heard: “Siga Siga and enjoy your time! You have holiday!”
After a wonderful dinner, this woman invited us to her kitchen and described everything what is inside piece by piece, while serving us a delicious Greek cake. There is no doubt that this was an unforgettable time!

After all we came back to our tent and we had the international playing card competitions! Curious of the next day we fell asleep.

At the second day we had a lot of ideas what we could do- actually too many and each of us had different ones. But finally we found our way in common: We went to the city Molyvos. Firstly to the beach, drank a Frappé and then we wanted to wait until the sun will not be so strong anymore to go to the Castle. Yeah that was the plan! So what’s about our spontaneity? Oh don’t worry: On the road to the city we met donkeys! It was not a normal meeting! But wait, let’s start from the beginning. We saw the sign: “STOP! And have a look! Donkey farm!”. One of us suggested that this could be funny and we decided to see the Donkey farm! That was a good decision. We met there obviously cute donkeys! We could even ride on them (but it was so expensive for us and we already had different plans). Also we met there a very nice Austrian woman, who invited us to a barbeque at the beach. The German part of us couldn’t miss that- for sure! So, of course we went there together! When we saw mostly everything what we want to see in the city, we were very exited about the evening event meanwhile walking back to our tent.

It was awesome! Picture it! A relaxed walk during the sunset! A real sunset! With friends and the imagination that on some beautiful beach a delicious barbeque was waiting for us! We followed the smell to find our destination! We were starving of the prepared meat, zucchinis, salad, tzatziki and this atmosphere as well!

We had also live music, which we just created together – by singing and improvising!! What could we get more!? Oh yeah! It was completely unexpected! Suddenly the Austrian woman came to us and said that they have 3 donkeys free to ride on back home! Of course! Night, seacoast – for sure we took this challenge!! In the end of such a beautiful day we came back home riding the donkeys – a highlight! It was extremely funny. Some of them just stopped and ate!! Stubborn Donkeys! And so cute! New adventures and so many impressions in just one day!

So the last day of our vacations seemed to be very calm and we just enjoyed the last hours. And actually it was most of the time like this! We decided to go to the city the last time, but let’s say, to another part – to the harbor! Everything there looks like in a fairytale: There were a lot of suiting taverns and colorful boats, which in combination with the blue sky, the clean see, the calmative, green land and with the whole city in the background created a landscape looking like a painting! In this scenery we ordered a Frappé! Just wonderful!

But it was not the end of our adventure! We had to go back, hadn’t we? And than accidentally in the camping we found a woman, who was a taxi driver. She could take us directly to Mitylini for almost the same price like we would have to pay for the bus, but faster and more comfortable! So we spend our way back in the car, driving really fast while crossing the landscape of Lesbos Island and listening to Greek music! It was great! So as a result we had a lot of time in Mitylini! We spend it sitting in a very nice tavern, eating pita and ice cream! It was very relaxing.

So mainly our adventure was coming to the end! We just had to take the ferry and finally we calmly went back home.
And actually we just change the title of our story from “Lesbos” to “Chios”! We still can enjoy this amazing, magical landscape, to which we maybe already got used to! But now we should again or still appreciate what we have here!

To be brief, this holiday qualified to be a successful one! We had a lot of luck. We met on our road many positive and warm-hearted people. We had a lot of fun together! And we experienced great adventures which we will never forget: the international tent, barbeque during the sunset, riding on the donkeys next to the seacoast at the night, the stunning view of the whole island and finally our great friendship!! Thank You EVS!

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