Just about 2 km north-east from Chios Island and about 8km west of Turkey, a group of 9 islands, Oinousses is located. It seems to have been named after the Greek word for wine “oinos” due to the existance of vineyards there. It is also known as Egnoussa from “agnos” a plant that grows on the island, as well as Aegnoussa, given by sheperds from Kardamyla, who came in the 17th centuries with their “aeges”, which translates as “goats”.

As we have been seeing this island on our way to the winter harbour of our organozation´s sailing boat, where we maintain the organisation´s sailing boat,  in the beginning of June we choose Oinousses as our destination of our first sailing trip.

At the entrance of the harbour we were welcomed by the statue of a mermaid. It has an open-harbour, so the water there is very clean. We used the opportunity for a swim there.

It seemed to be a very calm place as less than 1000 people live in Oinousses, of whom most are ship-owners.There is a maritime museum that can be visited, as well as several church and a monastery.

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