2nd Primary School of Vrontados – Tsiknopempti

In the 2nd Primary school of Vrontados we celebrated the “Tsiknopempti”, , a nice part of the Greek Easter Tradition. Also called Smoke Thursday the Thursday where the air is filled with the aroma of charred meat.
Tsiknopempti is the day during the Carnival period which marks the beginning of the last weekend where observant Greek Orthodox Church members can “legally” eat meat.
For the children the four hour of lesson seems endless. In the same time outside in the yard some parents brought the barbecue and provided to cook the meat. Some also brought juice, water, and coke for the children.
It’s soon time for the party, from the air you can smell that something is already on the BBQ.At the ring of the bell the party start and more then 70 children are in the playground, waiting for their souvlaki, everybody with some coins to offer to the parents. All the children are crazy for these delicious skewers of meat with lemon and oregano accompanied with bread.
The atmosphere is amazing, we had a lot of fun especially when we were dancing and singing nice Greek songs together.

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