2nd Primary School of Vrontados – Korais library

It is good for the children to get to know the true value of books from the beginning and so when the teacher asked the forth class what we will find there were we will go, all together said treasurers.

At the second of May the children of the forth class made with their teacher an excursion to the “Adamantios Korais” library.
Firstly we went to the folklore museum Argenti, which is located at the second floor of the library.

In a very small space you found paintings about the massacre of Chios, you could find unique small sculptures of people wearing the traditional clothing of each place in Chios, which they had also in original with the different knitting systems and they daily used tools. Also there were a collection of paintings of the Argenti family.
Then we went to the “Korais” library, the children were told the value of each book, their origin and a little bit about the biography of Korais. In the library there can also be found books, he got as a present from Napoleon, for his help: a lot of handwritten books which originate from Napoleons expedition in Egypt’s.
In the library they were as well explained the cataloguing system used and how books can be find there, because they learn now in school, how to write down the books information.

At the end we went to the states general archives, where they were showed how the preserve of older books is done. There we were also shown documents of the school, which were nineteen years old and the children tried to find their family names there.
It was a really interesting day, bringing us nearer the spirit of education.

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