Nenita Primary School- Excursion to Chios

The 29th of February was for us at Nenita school in many ways a special day. First, and this is what made it special all over the world, is it a leap day, a day, we have only once per 4 years. But second, and much more important, it was the day where we went to a beautiful excursion to the city with all the school.

In the morning, we were picked up by two busses- one of them a double-decker, as the kids were extremely happy to see- and brought to the city of Chios. There the classes 1-3 visited the firefighter department, and the classes 4-6 went to see an exhibition about the environment. Afterwards, the whole school met again on a big playground nearby, so the kids had also time to use their endless energy for some games.

We both volunteers went with the classes 1-3, so we are not able to report about the environmental exhibition. However, we heard that they had a very pleasant time also. The stay at the firefighter department at least was certainly enjoyable, as it was both informative and funny. One very nice firefighter explained and showed the different kinds of clothes, the firefighters have to wear in different situations, and later let each one of the kids wear a helmet for a short time too. Then, all of the kids were allowed to go in one of the firetrucks, and they were even allowed to spray some water (with the help of the firefighters) because of their great behavior (in school, it is not always that great).

Later on the playground, the kids played football, volley, hide and seek, and many more games (we volunteers joined them with childlike enthusiasm), while the teachers talked. A beautiful weather with a shining sun, and perfect 20 degrees accompanied all of this, leading to a lot of laughter and smiling faces on teachers as well as on kids. Hence, it was both an excursion we learned a lot of things, as well as an excursion we had a lot of fun. This is how education is supposed to work!

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