2nd Primary School of Vrontados – Carnival

Carnival, the time of the year when you have the opportunity to embody everything you would like to be or you are interested in, for one single day.

A day that makes children from everywhere all excited.

The last Friday, the 24th of February, the Friday before the Greek carnival, there was also a small celebration in our school for the children in the second primary school of Vrontados.

The first two hours were normal lessons, with a big difference: all the children had big smiles on their faces, looking excitedly on the diverse costumes they wore, being proud of their own and searching for their costume partner in class.

And then the first break came and the yard got filled with screams of happiness and laughs but not anymore from masked children. There were police officers, elegant misses, pirates, animals, a housekeeper, a grandmother and a lot more being from now on their different selves, being curious about the other characters and narrating the stories behind their every person.

In the classes music started playing and the tables got entirely hidden by the food the children brought to celebrate.

And so this day got to be a wonderful day, with us being included in the children’s happiness. Running around as a pirate, a Mexican and a cat playing with the children, playing with the characters arose from their fantasy and being with them a child again.

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