Leper Colony

Last saturday we were visiting the leper colony (“Lepokomeio”) just 5 kilometers away from the port of Chios city.
Founded by the Genoese conquerors, the leper colony was built in 1378 and one of the first institution of it’s kind. People, infected by leprosy were exiled from the community and sent to certain places, in which they could live among others, suffering from the same disease, Leprokomeio on Chios Island was one of those.

After passing the gates, sprayed walls and rests of barbed wire fence, making this place look like a scene from a thriller, were awaiting us.
Abandoned clothes, instruments, pills ( the smell of medicine in the air), can still to be found in some rooms. Also old mattresses, damaged toilets, bathtubs and roofs,…
Furthermore we were surprised by the fact, that the accomodation seemed really modern for those bygone times. That’s because the family members left at home, wanted their relatives to live a worthy live and were supporting the colony.
We especially enjoyed seeing the ruins of the chapel, a stunning place when the sun is fluting the inside. Despite the sad fact, that it was a place where death was reigning, there is a certain calm atmosphere. Leprokomeio is placed between the hills, sourrounded by silence, only disturbed by some daring crickets. Maybe we’ll visit this place again, to feel the touch of history and slightly oppressive atmosphere again.

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