The North of Chios Island

Most of the bigger villages and cities on Chios Island are located in the middle or in the south of the Island, the northern area consists of high, rough mountains. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing interesting to see:

Everywhere on the mountains are yellow, nice smelling flowers, the small villages are beautiful and the view to Turkey and Lesvos is amazing!

Thus to the big mountains the springs there have very healthy water and between the yellow flowers you can find wild Oregano. So if you happen to have a bag and a few bottles with you, don’t hesitate to take clear mountain water and natural, tasty Oregano home!

If you search for a charming little town to drink an ice cold frappe you have to visit Kardamila, which is divided into Pano and Kato Kardamila. Also recommendable is Nagos as well as Armades which have really nice bays.

Next time you need a destination for a day trip, consider Northern Chios worth a try!

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