2nd primary school of Vrontados – Tsiknopempti

The “Tsiknopempti” (Greek: Τσικνοπέμπτη) is a traditional Greek celebration which takes place in the beginning of February anually. It can be translated as the “dirty Thursday” of the carnival-time.

The carnival-period is divided in three parts, one of them is the “Kreatini” (Κρεατινί). It contains the word “κρέας” – meat. Since the fasting season did not start yet, meat can be enjoyed. But still: Wednesday and Friday are predestinated fast days, so the Tsiknopemti takes place on a Thursday. “Tsikno” means “the smell of burned food”, which may sound disgusting firstly, but in general it is a metaphor and solely refers to the fact that the Greeks make barbecues everywhere and prepare meat for everyone.

During this day the second primary school of Vrontados of course celebrated this tradition as well. After two hours of normal school lessons the impatient children ran outside where each one received Suvlaki and fresh bread. The whole school: students, teachers and us volunteers sat outside, eating together and having a small celebration for the rest of the school-day. Together with the children we listened to music, danced and played some games. We took pictures and videos and accompanied the teachers by taking care of the students.

The warm and sunny weather made us feel like spring already and it was a great opportunity to spend time with teachers and students next to the “normal school routine”.

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