3rd Primary School of Vrontados Final Celebration

On Monday, June 15, the 3rd Primary School of Vrontados had its final celebration. Every class had prepared one or two different presentations.

So the children weather danced, played theatre or sang. The teachers were really creative and had nice ideas. One class for example danced and acted to an old Greek Movie Song. But all of them were beautiful to see and we volunteers helped supporting the teachers with some little helps, like keeping the children calm and out of the sun.

Again, many family members came to see their children. The day was especially touching for the 6th class. With the final celebration they also celebrated the last day of their primary school life. They had to say Goodbye to every  teacher, to some children that will move away and to us volunteers. Many students were very attached and lost some tears.

They were a little bit overwhelmed and realized that their normal everyday life will change a lot. They will take the next step of the education system. New environment, new classmates, new teachers and new school system. We volunteers are just happy that we had the opportunity to accompany them in their last year of Primary school and give our little impact.

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