2nd Primary School of Vrontados On Monday, June 15 – last school day

At the beginning of this very emotional day, we watched two teams of pupils doing athletes. Children had the task to fill their bottles with water which was in the bucket on the other side of the court, as soon as possible. Children ran with a cup, filled it with water and tried to not spill it on their way back πŸ™‚ The team, which filled the two bottles at first, has won πŸ™‚ It was very funny, teachers and parents cheered their children, the athletes were also supported by a loud applause πŸ™‚

Then there were entertainments where children presented their talents: they danced, played theater, read beautifully and sang as well as they played on musical instruments. Parents and teachers fully enjoyed to observe the actions of the heroes of this afternoon. At the end there was a very emotional atmosphere, because older children and teachers realized that it’s already the last day of school, therefore there were plenty of feelings and crying. Proud parents also made no secret of their tears- and also not us volunteers…
Here we congratulate all the students who completed the year and we wish you further successes in the coming years πŸ™‚

We could see the friendship between pupils and we want to thank the teachers for it, because they created friendly conditions, a cheerful atmosphere, organized interesting classes, they gradually managed to convey children to their skills and knowledge, the children could feel like home and now it is difficult for all of them to leave the school.

The weather that day was beautiful and favored the celebration, the sun strongly shined and invited us for holidays πŸ™‚ We wish everyone a good time!

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