First eTwinning experiences

eTwinning – the platform that connects teachers and pupils from all over Europe.
Some weeks ago, we, for the first time, had the chance to present the eTwinning platform to the primary school of Karfas.

Karfas is a town located in the south of Chios Island. We started driving to this school in the early afternoon and when we arrived it was raining. But this rainy weather could not banish our good mood – because it was the first time for us, we were really excited.
Welcomed by the headmaster of the school, a open-minded and friendly person, we immediately felt comfortable.
After a short conversation with her we went into the small assembly hall and started preparing everything for the presentation while the teachers, interested in taking part in an e-Twinning project, entered the room and sat down. After Dimitrios, who was giving a short input and general information about the platform, finished, we had the chance to present it to the teachers on our own. We started by talking about how to create your own profile, project and finding other potential eTwinning-partners, etc. After giving an overview about all these possibilities e-Twinning offers you, we were proud to have the chance to present them our own projects which are already taking part in form of talking about our aims, partners and the TwinSpace.
Furthermore, we showed them the things we already did with the children.
And soon, as everything in life, also this presentation had an end.

We can tell, that it was a really nice experience to stand in front of so many teachers, talking about eTwinning and our own projects.
They showed a big interest in it and we look forward to continue presenting eTwinning in other places.

Because of this resaon, not much time passed and soon we had the chance to share our knowledge about the e-Twinning platform in front of teachers coming from all around Chios and the minister of education again, this time in a elementary school in the middle of Chios town.
For us it was the first time to get in touch and work with a smartbord.
A short presentation about e-Twinning in general and its possibilities followed with us introducing them to the TwinSpace (how to create a image/file gallery, how to manage project activities,…), our own projects, their outcomes and how to enroll themselves and start a new project.
Because of the positive feedback we think this visit was a great success.

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