Greek Wedding

A former volunteer from this project got married here on Chios Island. She invited the responsable of the organisation and also we volunteers had the chance to come and experience a her Greek wedding.

Around 6.30pm, everything was ready in the Saint Anna Church. The first people who arrived were some relatives of the bride.

A little later, the groom appeared, holding a bucket of flower that he then gave to his future wife when she arrived. One characteristic of the orthodox wedding.

Everybody wanted to take a photograph with the groom, but he was quite nervous and sometimes it was difficult for him. His mother was there to calm him down, hugging and kissing him at the same time. The period of waiting seemed forever to him.

We were yearning for the girlfriend to come and finally we heard the car, which was beautifully decorated with white flowers, coming up to the church and the bride arrived at the square of the church. Everybody was cheering and applauding.

Then the chapel  shined more than ever, the candles that were on the floor showed the way for the bride. She was radiant with happines and like this she greeted her future husband with one kiss on the cheek and he gave her the flowers.

Later they were holding their hands and they followed with the hands together for the whole ceremony. At this moment they went inside the temple, and after them, all the people entered, unlike in the catholic wedding where everybody waits inside.

The couple looked at each other in a hidden way and every person was witness of their love for each other.  A particular trait was when the couple went around and between the people who threw rice upon their faces,like emblems of luck for them.

From thereon  they were wife and husband, all the relatives were gladand they ran to hug them, and to say their congratulations to the new married couple.

They could speak with every guest and  they were very grateful. After that we went to the square again, outside the Church, and the relatives of the new couple gave us somes sweets with one special drink for the wedding and we savored for them.

We drank a toust. Good luck for them!

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