Agia Marina

In the morning of the 16th July we, the volunteers, helped with the preparations for the name day celebration of Saint Marina. Our part in this ceremony was to prepare the area and decorate the Agia Marina church with flowers and curtains. It was a very special day for the local community because Agia Marina is the patroness of the local community and sports club P.E.K.E.V.

The service began at 7 pm and a lot of families, students and neighbours from the local community gathered in and around the church. Everyone took part in the service, lit a candle and prayed. At the end of the service the priest blessed the bread in front of the church. It was a very moving and beautiful experience. The service ended with the sharing of the bread. After the service people stayed in the yard and celebrated this day by eating and talking together until the late evening.

All in all we had an opportunity to get to know the Greek culture, meet new people and take part in a traditional ceremony, making it a very important day for us, too.

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