Farewell Service for the Priest

In the morning of the 27th of January 2012, in the local church “Panagias Ereithianis” was held to take leave of the priest, as he was retiring and replaced by a new priest that took his position.

As this priest left his position after 52 years, many people of the community were there to bid farewell to the man that accompanied their whole lives: from baptism to marriages, and funerals.

That is way especially at the end of the 3 hour service, when Archbishop Markos was giving him the honour and decorated him with the holy cross, the service was very special and emotional. The old priest was so touched by this special honour that he cried and was thanking the community and the Archbishop.

In the end of the service, each person went to the front to say goodbye to the priest personally and to thank him for all of his services to the Orthodox church. Even all the students from the primary school took part at service.

For us it was an unique experience, as we saw and understood how emotionally close the people are in the community. The whole procedure of this service was very interesting to experience.

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