Sports Tournament

On 22th of May the students boys from the fifth and sixth classes played the sports tournament, a championship where all the schools of the island participate. Our sporty students with, the blue and white equipment, played in two sports: handball and football.
First, was the time for the handball match, our team started really well and scored several times, but in the end the other team won because a few moments of luck.

The second date was with the football match, this time our team won the first game and did a good performance. As winners our students had to compete again, against the winner of the other group but this time despite their effort and good job the winner was the other team.

The parents, grandparents, teachers and us cheered up our brave sportsmen and had a good time watching the games of our school and the others ones.
Our students demonstrated to have an excellent attitude, being in excellent shape, and the most important thing: they had fun!!

Good job boys!!

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