3rd Primary School of Vrontados: Celebration March 25th

On March 25th the whole country celebrates the Greek War of Independence. Also in the primary schools this is an important date. The actual celebration took place on March 24th because the following day was a national holiday. Already weeks before both 6th classes of the 3rd Primary School of Vrontados started to prepare their performance. They learned songs, rehearsed a play and practiced a dance. We helped with making traditional Greek costumes for the boys from paper and painted a background picture.

In the morning of the celebration we made some last preparations, painted moustaches on the boys faces and helped them put on their costumes. Friends and family of the children came to see the show and the children were excited to present them what they had learned. It was really nice and everything went well. The parents and teachers were proud of their children’s success and also the children from the other classes had a lot of fun.

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