2nd School of Vrontados – 11th of November Chios reunion with Greece

In the second school of Vrontados the third class  commemorate the 11th of November, an important day in the history of Chios Island, because it was the day that the island stopped to be part of the Ottoman Empire and returned to be a part of Greece.

But first let us tell you a little bit of this event background.  In 1912 the Greek army releases Macedonia and the Hypiro and afterwards the General Staff of Army decides the release of islands of Aegean Sea.  The Greek armada assume the responsibility of the islands released. Firstly releasing Limnos, afterwards Thassos, Imbros, Samothrace, Psara and Lesvos on 8th of November. On 11 November 1912 the Greek armada reaches outside from Chios harbour. For 40 days the battles were continued and on 20 December the Turks abandoned Chios Island.

The third class of the second school of Vrontados did a play with the history of this event. Reading and explaining the history of this event to the other children of the school and their parents, so everybody even the little ones learn all about this day and its importance in the history of Chios.

They sang songs and recite poems about this day that has been in the memories and hearts of the Greeks from this day and they say proudly their motto: ελευθερία ή θάνατος (freedom or death). Remembering all the people and concrete Greeks that fought for having a free country. This motto is in use today, and it has 9 syllabes as well as the Greek flag has 9 stripes and these words are also the symbol that defines the Greek spirit against tyranny and oppression.

The children enjoyed showing to their schoolmates and their parents their knowledge about this event. Also an important and touching moment was when all the people in the room observe one minute of silence for all the lost Greek lives.

We as volunteers enjoyed very much learn more about the history of Greece and Chios Island and mostly from the hands of the children.

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