Sailing Trip from Chios to Katarraktis and Back – June 2015

Last Sunday, our boss took us to a little sailing trip. Now that our project has bigger dimensions and we are eight volunteers, three of us live and work in Katarraktis. Since Friday they spent their weekend with us in Vrontados. To get back to Katarraktis Dimitris usually drives them with his car. But this time, because it was awesome weather and he wanted to make us a favor he had the great idea to take them back in an unusual way – per sailing boat!

We all gathered our swim suits and the volunteers from Katarraktis also their weekend luggage. We started at around 12 from the marina and went south in the direction Katarraktis. The sun was strong, so the windy atmosphere on the boat was perfect for cooling us. We helped with fixing ropes, the balloons and driving the boat. But all in all it was a totally relaxed trip.

At the beach of Karfas we set the anchor and jumped into the cool blue water. As always on the boat we had an amazing view on the landscape of our beautiful island and the Turkish coast. After tanking some energy from cookies and fruits we continued our way to Katarraktis and left the three girls there. Then we drove back to the marina and finished our amazing Sunday sailing tour at around 5. We are already looking forward to our next sailing experience!

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