Let’s fix the boat! 2014

The summer is about to come and what is better than preparing ourselves and our sailing boat Olympia?
We put on our solar cream, sunglasses and old clothes for starting to fix the boat for the sailing season. First we removed the rust of the screw/propeller with sandpaper, that took us like four hours, and also with sandpaper we made the surface of the keel smoother. The next step is to make smoother the bottom of the boat.
Until now these are our sailing adventures, now we have to paint the boat and learn more about this amazing sport.

At the same time that we work at the sailing boat, we learn parts of the boat, what is the task of every electrical device inside the boat, some sailing rules, the lights of a boat, how the flags work in the boats…etc.
Did you know that the flag in the stern of the boat is the boat nationality and the flag in the mast is the flag of the country where you are sailing? This is a sailing rule, you show your respect to the country where you are sailing in.
To learn about sailing is very interesting and we are looking forward to apply it as soon as possible, but first we have to fix the boat and make sure that we can be sailors!

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