Oinousses – The Island of sailors 2014

We used one of the last warm autumn days this year for doing a sailing trip to that we had been looking forward for a while: We visited beautiful and unique Island Oinousses next to Chios Island!

The Aegean Sea, which was a little bit turbulent at this Sunday morning, exacted the support of all of us on the boat. Therefore, it was a great chance for us to improve our sailing skills. Moreover, we learned important tips how to deal with windy weather from our project manager Dimitris. Although, a fresh sea breeze blew, the sun was shining and we enjoyed the amazing view on Turkey. Our entertaining talks and our teamwork created a feeling of togetherness.

Safely entered in the port of Oinousses after 2 hours of sailing, we started to explore the small “300 inhabitants – village” which is the only one on this Island. In contrast to summer when all professional sailors from all over the world living in their holiday villas, there, Oinousses seems to be a ghost village in colder seasons. In autumn and winter, only some native people and additionally also a small amount of students who attend the famous Captain’s school of the Island inhabit this place. But this quiet is actually causing the special and incredible delightful idyll.

Small white chapels with rounded roofs, homely taverns, ship owners’ colorful planted gardens of majestic houses and the scenery of typical Greek narrow mountain roads made this excursion so matchless for us. After taking estimated 300 pictures, we ate self-made pancakes on “Olympia’s” boat deck while relaxing in the shiny sun. Some of us also used the opportunity to visit Oinousses’ chapel after our lunch break.

On our way back home, we watched how the Mermaid statue in front of the Island was getting smaller and smaller while we moved away on the waves – this time with and not against the wind. This smooth, more tranquil trip was a nice completion of this eventful day.

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