Mykonos, April 2015

On our Easter trip in April we also went to the popular island Mykonos.

The arrival was kind of complicated in the beginning. Before we started the trip we looked up the way from the port to our Hostel, but unfortunately we looked it up from the wrong port… So we were totally confused when we arrived at a place that looked completely different to the picture that Goggle Maps had shown us. So first we went up and down a main street and later back to the port with the plan to ask someone how to get to the City. In the end the pick up service of our hostel found us on the street and brought us to our apartment. We didn’t even know that the hostel offers something like that, but this is a very useful thing! The apartment with its big beds was a great comfort after sleeping in a boat and the ferry.

We just had two days on the island and it was rainy and stormy the whole time. It was really not nice. The knowledge that our ferry might be canceled didn’t increase our mood. But nevertheless, we did many walks through the city and around. The windmills were really nice and we also found some other nice places.

Mykonos is a small and very touristy island which offers many shopping and nightlife locations. We were not in shopping mood; the shops also weren’t in our price category. But we found some little hand-made shops. And in the two evenings we went to nice bars with good rock music.

The day of our departure was quite stressful… In the morning the woman that rent the apartment to us told us that all the ferries of the day were canceled. So we arranged to stay one more night there and paid the rooms. But when we went to the travel agency at the old port, they told us that our ferry will go 100 per cent! So, we called this woman and fortunately she gave the money back to us. But for some hours we were really shocked and in a really bad mood. I mean, we would have missed our Rocket War! And most likely also the ferry to Cesme and the flight to Istanbul! Horrible!

We were, as you might guess, incredibly happy to be able to go back to Chios. We went on our ferry some hours later and started with new motivation in direction Chios. The weather was still bad. The waves were so high that we could see water over the windows! And the chairs were moving fore and backwards… It was scary. Later the water calmed down. We slept over night in the ferry and arrived at 9 in the morning.

It was a weird but still nice trip to Mykonos, but we think you could find a better time to go there.

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