The sailing is coming closer and closer… 2014

The temperature is rising and the clouds said goodbye until October. The only sport that won’t cause overheating now is sailing in the beautiful Aegean sea!

But before we can do that, we need to finish the last details on our sailing boat “Olympia”. Therefore we painted the keel with two layers of paint: A brown one to prevent rusting and a blue one above that to keep the sea animals away from sticking on the boat. But not just the keel, also the whole trunk of the boat needs to be protected from sticking sea animals because they will harm the surface and take away speed

In addition to the painting we prepared some woods and the stirring with teak oil to be more resistant against the sun and the salty sea water. Besides the usual cleaning like vacuuming and scrubbing the deck we also put the sails on the mast!

So now it is not long anymore until we will finally sail for the first time, we are very excited about that!

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