Ready, steady, SAIL! 2014

For us “sailing rookies” was a historical day today: We participated in a real sailing race which was at the same time our first sailing experience ever!

Earlier that day we prepared our sailing boat “Olympia” by putting the sails in the right position.

This noon the real sailing begun: We put the sails up and drove to the starting line with the motor. One minute before the race started we had to turn of the motor and let wind and sails do the work. Of course we had to help with many different tasks: Pulling the red rope, releasing the green one, helping the sail if it is stuck, holding and steer the steering or just sitting at the side of the boat which is more up to keep the balance.

Of course we are not professional and race winning sailors yet but for our first time as part of the crew we did pretty well. So we were fortunately not the last place which is a huge success for us!

The race itself was not very long, about two hours but the wind was mostly really good to sail. We learned a lot about the wind, the waves, the sail’s aerodynamic, the different measuring instruments and devices in the boat and so on.

We really hope in the next races we gain more practice and confidence in the boat so little by little we will become experienced parts on the crew!

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