Cooperative Learning

Almost every volunteer, who goes abroad to another country writes in his list of expectations “learning a new language”.

Greek is a language which differs a lot from other languages on one side, but on the other seems sometimes to be very familiar with our own home country vocabulary of words, since philosophy, science, maths and other subjects are based on the ancient Greek language.

But besides of that, learning a completely new language on the way how we, the volunteers, are learning it in a “non-formal” way is maybe sometimes adventures, but all in all one of the most necessary and interesting things, which you should take from a stay like this.

The learning process comes naturally by just living in a place like our organization’s house, where we can talk with our neighbors and the children we are working with. Also through the support of the Greek lessons we receive from our mentor, we learn at least every week something new and trough our own studies, every day some new words and expressions.

So after a while we really feel that our knowledge about the Greek language grows without noticing it and at the end of a voluntarily stay it will be one of the most precious advantages for our future live.