Assisting in the Bus

Apart from the summer time, the children who are members of the swimming club P.E.K.E.V. have a daily training in an indoor swimming pool. To help their parents, the club has set up a mini bus that picks the children up at home and brings them to the swimming pool. And after their swimming practice, they are driven back home. This is an advantage for parents who aren’t able to drive their children to the pool, as it is about 15 km far. But more over, it is an advantage for the children who have fun during the bus rides.

Each day one volunteer is driving with this bus. Our task is to take care of the children during the rides, making sure that they sit properly and that they are calm. Especially, when a child gets on or off the bus we open the heavy sliding door for it and make sure that it is safe on the streets.
When arriving in the indoor pool, we take a seat on the grandstand and watch the children swimming until it is time to go back.

The most pleasuring part of the bus rides is that we can talk with the children and meanwhile improve our Greek. More over, the bus driver is a very nice person who always plays traditional Greek music or Greek pop music to which the children sing along!


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