3rd Primary school of Vrontados: Excursion to Paduchios

On the 10th of June the students were almost in holiday, so it was a good idea to say goodbye each others with an excursion in Paduchios. Paduchios is a beautiful port in the north-east of Chios, and the pupils had the possibility to know better their own island. We went by bus with the students, the teachers and several parents.

The surroundings of Paduchios are really beautiful, and it permitted to spend a nice day to all the students, also with a nice weather. They had a lot of possibilities to play their games, to have fun, and also to fish some sea urchins. We had a good chance to improve our relationship with the students and the teachers. For the pupils this was a great opportunity to their personal growth in the conclusion of the school year.

We really enjoyed this excursion.

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