Nea Moni

Nea Moni is the most important monument of the island, famous all over the world because of the unique golden mosaics that are almost 1000 years old. Dating back to the 11th century, this is one of the three remaining collections left in Greece of the mid-Byzantine period and it remains in relatively good condition. The great mosaics collection of Nea Moni is also one reason why the monastery was put on the list of the UNESCO’s world heritage in 1990.

The monastery is also a place, where the volunteers can learn about the difficult history of the island – in this place, during the Greek war of independence on Good Friday of 1822, the massacre took place -600 monks and 3.500 women and children, who came to seek refuge in the monastery, were slaughtered by Ottomans.

The part of their bones is kept till nowadays in the chapel of the Holy Cross.

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