Working in Ormos Lo

In the summer vacations the local sports club P.E.K.E.V. offers swimming lessons in the club’s own swimming pool at the beach ORMOS LO.

There, the children in the age of primary school kids, or even a bit younger learn how to swim, or continue to improve their swimming skills in sea water.

Our task here is to assist the trainer of the swimming beginners, this means to swim with the children and to support and to help them, when it is needed. We also motivate them and learn every day more how to handle language difficulties.

Outside off the water we are playing different ball games with the children, like the Greek game “Mila”, basketball etc..

We try to talk with the children and to have fun with them while swimming and playing: A very nice summer task!

Ormos Lo and the swimming pool of P.E.K.E.V.

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