Living in Vrontados village

One of the two places where the volunteers live together is a traditionally built house, in the biggest village of Chios Island: Vrontados. There, we share all the tasks concerning maintaining the house and making living together as pleasant as possible.

Our house is located very conveniently, as it is just 4 km far from the center and just about 200 m far from the local beach “Daskalopetra”, where we can enjoy swimming in the clear blue Aegean Sea during the summer time! More over, from our house we can reach easily each place where we work by foot- so no transportation means are necessary. Especially, the computer working place couldn’t be more easier to reach which it situated on one floor of our house! Here, we work for six hours every weekday if there were no tasks that can reduce these six hours, e.g. in the primary school or concerning the sailing-project.

There are not only volunteers living inside of the house in Vrontados, but also a very special four legged friend of ours: our dear dog José!

He was just a puppy when two of the volunteers decided to adopt him from our neighbor, together with another dog. But since two dogs meant to much trouble for the project and the volunteers, they decided to only takeJosé. Because he is still very young, he has a lot of engery and loves to be entertained by the volunteers.

He loves to go for walks, cuddle with the volunteers and playing with sticks or stones. He has so much love to give, he will for sure also love you!

In our free time, we explore all of these interesting places, like historical monuments, which Chios has to offer. More over, we take part at cultural events that let us get to know Greece and its culture and traditions better. On special occasion, e.g. on public holidays, we take opportunity to visit also the surrounding area, e.g. Lesvos Island which is reachable from Chios by ferry or the large metropolis Izmir, as the Turkish coast is just 10 km far from Chios and also reachable by ferry.

These are just a few advantages of living on a Greek island, which has an average temperature of 27 °C in the summer with almost no clouds and even in the end of October we were able to go swimming and after it got dried by the sun !

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