Nenita Primary school- Final celebration

In the middle of June, the school year came to an end. For teachers as well as for kids this meant: Holidays! But before this, there was still something to prepare and to present: the final theatre performances of the school year. Every class made on last performance and presented it in front of the school and the parents, before, on the last day, all the school community met to just play some funny games organized by the sports teacher and to spend time together.

On Monday, the second and third class performed together a theatre about healthy nutrition, followed on Tuesday by the first class with a performance about peace, the fourth and fifth with a comedy and finally also the sixth class with a final goodbye to their school, which they will leave now. All the performances were full of life and fun, prepared thoroughly and performed greatly. Also we volunteers of course had our share in the performances, as we helped preparing things, practicing with the kids, and as we also were a big help in the actual performance, for example by putting music.

On Wednesday, all the school met in the yard of the school. The classes performed some competitions and dances, and then also all the parents and teachers played a funny game. All this was accompanied by a great atmosphere, full of laughter, proud parents, and, of course great weather. All in all, these three days finished a nice school year, full of exciting excursions, funny events, but also a lot of learning, in a great way, giving us both lots of fun, but also some additional things to learn, for example about nutrition. And in the end, looking at the happy faces of both the parents and the kids, every teacher could say: even if the preparation was a lot of work, the final result was worth it.

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