is the first Science-Website of “Experimental” Technology Education Sports created in 2012/2013. Being no trained scientists, we first were a bit skeptical if science and formulas could be interesting for children. Day by day we learned how fascinating science is, and how much fun it is to do even the simple experiments! But first we had to get started …

How do you start a website for children about so complex topics like biology or physics? What makes it interesting for children? And that is how our main topic was born: Experiments. We discovered that in science-lessons at school, experiments are the highlights. Practical work instead of reading boring theory, observation instead of long monologs of the teacher, talking about what happens if you do the experiment and the most important aspect: Offer the opportunity to wonder at the results and attract curiosity. Therefore we focused on experiments. Simple experiments, which are doable with materials, which you can find in every household and which are safe, in order to allow the children to do the experiments on their own.

Now we knew what to focus on. By remembering our times at primary-school, we notices that there often were mascots, who guided us through the entire schoolbook. After a few minutes “Matrix” was born. Matrix is a curios, funny, ingenious monkey and certainly a resembling character. He guides through the website and is the main character of short stories and mini-games, which are created to entertain the little scientists.

Entertainment and the way how to present scientific issues were checked at our to-do-list. We had elements to attract the attention, we had elements to entertain and we had elements to make the children wonder. But wondering causes questions and those questions need to be answered. By mentioning our aim to create a website which provides both, questions and answers, we created our “Wiki”. Wiki is a collection of articles about scientific terms and phrases, which are used in the experiments explanations. Therefore, every scientific term is explained in this wiki. The children can use it as a reference book for unknown terms or to learn more about phrases they already know.

Finally this was our concept the aims of on how it should be. And this is what it does today: Provide information for free and present those information in a fascinating way, by using the various possibilities of modern medias and the internet. You still have doubts? Visit convince yourself by exploring the articles, the experiments and much more. Matrix is waiting for you