Emporios and Komi 2017

On a cloudy Saturday in May early in the morning we set off with our backpacks, prepared for the long walk from Katarraktis to the south of the island. On the way we stopped a few times: at a monastery and when the view was just too breathtaking. All the time rain clouds followed us and we watched them with worry. Our advantage: we had comfortably cool temperatures during our walk through the Mastic region.

After around three hours of walking we arrived in Kalamoti, a small village with charming alleys. On the main square we managed to escape the first downpour of the day in a café.

Then we went on to the sandy beach of Komi and luckily got inside again before the rain poured down. Finally, we made it to Emporios in the late afternoon.

The next day the weather was wonderful and we went to the beach. Μαύρα Βόλια (Mavra Volia) is known for its unique black volcano stones. Since the stones were not really comfortable in the long run we decided to go back to Komi to spend the rest of the afternoon there.

From there we hiked to Pyrgi. After exploring the village we took the taxi back. What a weekend!

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