Centenary of Chios Liberation

Chios Island is for sure part of Greece today. By visiting the parade to honor the liberation of Chios hundred years ago, we learned that especially Chios Island is a good example for fights for territories in Europe.

By being located right next to the Turkish coast, Chios was occupied by Turkey for many years. During this period, the inhabitants of Chios were forced to follow rules, which limited their rights, for example, of living out their religion, which is probably not the same as the religion of their rulers. In order to make long things short: The population of Chios Island was aimed to be an independent part of Greece again. Many revolutions and battles for independence took part in the past and were down cast by the Turkish ruler by killing many Chians (massacre of Chios 1822). But in 1912 the Greek Navy succeeded. After liberating Chios City, the rest of the island was liberated.
Even if Turkey recognized Chios Island as a part of Greece in 1913 in the Treaty of London, the liberation in 1912 became one of the most important days in the history of this Island.

Today in 2012 the liberation of the Turkish ruler has been exactly hundred years ago. This centenary was celebrated on this Island with a big parade.
For sure parades are an important part for Greek people to celebrate their local and national events, by presenting their sports clubs, schools, cultural clubs and of course all the different parts of the military.

Usually the local authorities are part of the parades, but in order to appreciate this special day for Chios and Greece, the general of the Greek army, important Greek politicians and parts of the Greek navy took part in the parade. Also a ship of the Navy was prepared to be visited by everybody, showing traditional uniforms and information about the Greek army.

Next to this gesture of national union and being proud of national achievements, it is important to mention some activities of the Greek and Turkish people.  Even if this day focused on national issues, local politicians grab the opportunity to underline Greece’s friendship with their Turkish neighbor. Turkish youngsters were invited to visit Chios Island, in order to continue the dialog between both countries.

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