Living in Katarraktis Village

Katarraktis – this is a small village situated on the east coast of Chios and one of the two hosting places.

We live together in one apartment of a hotel where we share our bedrooms, our living room, our bathroom and our kitchen. Therefore, we cook, eat and spend our freetime together like a family. Furthermore, we have one working area in our apartment, where we work on the computer three to six hours per day, depending on the season. Apart from our work on the computer, where we for example write articles, translate texts or cut videos, we also work in the local schools or in the kindergarten. Moreover, we offer summer activities to the local children during their summer holidays.

So, what is it like to live in such a small village? When you go out of the hotel, you have a beautiful view on the Aegean Sea and you only have to walk one minute to be at the seaside. You are always able to find a place at the coast where you can be on your own, even if many tourists are here in summer. After your stay on the beach you will probably walk around the village where you will see many people sitting outside, greeting you. After some time, you get to know the people and they get to know you which gives us the feeling to be at home. You can enjoy cold drinks or Greek specialities in one of the cafes or taverns at the seaside that are opened in the tourist season. Furthermore, Katarraktis has two small shops and some churches as well as a port.

In our freetime we often visit different beaches, other villages or simply discover the nature. Since we don’t have the possibility to reach different places through public transportation, we discover our surrounding area mostly on foot. If we want to go further some time, we have the opportunity to call a taxi. And what we are especially looking for: we sometimes have the opportunity to drive to the port of Chios where we learn how to sail with the organization’s sailing boat Olympia.
In winter, when the shops are closed and the sea is too cold to swim, we have not as much opportunities as in the summer time. But with a bit creativity and warm thoughts our stay during the winter time is also very nice.

All in all, Katarrakis is a very nice place to live: you have a closer relationship to the local people than in bigger cities, you feel connected with the beautiful nature and you are able to contribute something to a small community. Katarraktis will stay in the heart of every volunteer who lived here and gives us the feeling that Chios Island is our second home.

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